Still waiting for Apple's review

As I previously mentioned, I have already submitted version 1.0.1 with small bugs fix to App Store. The status is still "Waiting for review". Once the review has been started, the new version will be released shortly. 

By the way, I am very glad to know that the App was downloaded in more than 25 countries from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pasific. This makes me be motivated to keep improving this App. Thanks for your Support!
Pinyin Trainer

Pinyin Trainer

  • Kentaro Miyagawa
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すでにアナウンスしたように、バージョン1.0.1はすでにApp Storeに提出済みです。今のところステータスは「Waiting for review」のままですが、いったんレビューが始まれば、まもなくリリースされると思われます。