Pinyin Trainer - 锻炼拼音 - Support page (EN)

News: The appplication is released in App Store on Sep 25th 2013!

Welcome to Pinyin Trainer Support page


One of the difficulties to learn Chinese is to remember pronunciations. Even though you have multiple-year-experience of learning Chinese, you might easily forget pronunciations, especially tones (声调 - Shengdiao). This App, Pinyin Trainer - Duanlian Pinyin - is developed especially for intermediate Chinese learners. 500+ words, which are not too difficult but not too easy, are stored in this App and you can do training (锻炼 - duanlian) to memorize pronunciation of the words through quiz with 4 choices.

Each quiz would not be so easy for you as choices are automatically generated from patterns of typical mistakes. You can also jump to online dictionary (Baidu Cidian) if you would like to check the detail of the words. This would be helpful to build up your Chinese vocabulary as well. After the series of training, you will get the final results with some stats. If you made the mistake, the same words would be included in the next training with Setting - “Failure last time” mode. You can select number of words per training.

Any questions and suggestions, you can leave comments to this the blog ( We will take care in 3 languages, English, Japanese and Chinese. This is the first version and will be extended and improved depends on your feedbacks.

Enjoy learning Chinese!