Pinyin Trainer - 锻炼拼音 - 2013/09/25 Update

(Japanese version follows)

Finally relesed to App Store! (English)

The version 1.0 is releaesed to App Store on September 25th 2013!

I have already found following small issues in the current released version (1.0) and will be fixed at the next minor relese.

1. The right option is not equaly allocated (No 4 option could be a right option very rarely.)
2. Starange pinyin is displayed in the quiz options (ex. lelg)

I will udate reguralry in this blog. Thanks!




1. 正解の選択肢が均等にばらけない(第4選択肢が正解になる確率が極端に低い)
2. 明らかにおかしなピンインが表示されることがある (例 lelg)